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Product Application


UV-EB Curing Technology Co., Ltd provides customers with radiation curing coating equipment, hot melt adhesive and process technology solutions.

Automatic and efficient equipment, UV/EB hot melt adhesive supply and professional technical services make UV/EB curing technology fundamentally create a brand-new production system of high-quality adhesive products with safety, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low cost and low investment.

The UV/EB curing coating equipment developed and produced by UV-EB Curing Technology Co., Ltd and the application technology of hot melt adhesive have made a subversive breakthrough in China’s adhesive products industry. UV/EB curing coating equipment produces a roll of semi-finished tape every 8 seconds; The total area of equipment is 1/6 of that of traditional equipment. The production cost is reduced by 10%; UV/EB curing hot melt adhesive has no solvent, complete curing and no VOCs emission.

UV-EB Curing Technology Co., Ltd

UV-EB Curing Technology Co., Ltd, formerly known as CHT, has developed and produced light-curing hot melt adhesive, electron beam curing hot melt adhesive and its coating equipment after years of painstaking research. UV-EB Curing Technology Co., Ltd has an R&D base and equipment manufacturing plant in Zhuozhou High-tech Zone, Hebei Province, and a UV/EB curing hot melt adhesive project with an annual output of 50 thousand tons in Cangzhou National Chemical Industry Park.

UV (abbreviated as UV) or electron beam (abbreviated as EB) radiation curing hot melt adhesive coating has no solvent emission, no supporting solvent recovery facilities and heating facilities, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.

When UV/EB curing hot melt adhesive coated, the degree of graft polymerization is generally higher than that of rubber and water emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive systems, and new free radicals can be generated in the graft part, and the graft continues to grow and the molecular weight increases, which makes the weathering resistance of UV/EB curing hot melt adhesive better.

At the International Conference on Radiation Curing in North America in May 2004, UV/EB curing technology was summarized as having “5E” characteristics: Efficient, Energy saving, Economical, Enabling and Environmental friendly, and was praised as “A New Technology for Green Industry in the 21st Century”.

With more than 30 years’ technical service and experience accumulation in the field of adhesive tape, UV-EB Curing Technology Co., Ltd can not only provide customers with high-quality UV/EB curing coating equipment and UV/EB curing hot melt adhesive, but also meet customers’ multi-level technical needs in product research and development innovation, quality upgrade, process improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc.